Stress management & burnout recovery

Do you often lack the energy to get your work done? Do you feel drained and tired? Do you find it difficult to concentrate and to get things done? Than you may be at risk of having reached your stress limits or being burnout.

Coaching for stress management or burnout recovery may help you to:

  • improve your energy level and restore your balance;
  • regain strength and self-confidence;
  • move toward a way of working and living that truly suits you.

For non-Dutch speakers I offer stress and burnout recovery coaching in English. Sessions will take place in Rotterdam (Kralingen) or online.

3 Phases

There are 3 phases in burnout and burnout prevention coaching:

Phase 1: Slow down

It’s all about slowing down, rest, relaxation and self-care.

If you are still working, we will discuss your daily routine, what needs to change on short-term and how to do that. Every step counts, no matter how small.

Phase 2: Understanding what happened

We assess the stress factors in your life. What drains your energy and what gives you energy?

We will also discuss your stress coping mechanism. What is it that you always do, that is no longer working for you? Do you always feel the need to say yes when someone asks you something to do, do you tend to strive for perfection, are you stepping up your game when you feel tired and stressed? What caused this pattern? You will increase your awareness of certain patterns and change your behavior, step by step, into more effective behavior. 

Phase 3: Change

When you are feeling stressed or burned out, some changes in your work environment and/or personal life, will be necessary. What are your skills, talents and what drives you? How does this relate to your current job? How much influence do you have to job craft your current position? What do you want to do differently? How can that be arranged?


  • Tools to achieve relaxation and balance
  • Tools for a more effective stress coping mechanism
  • Understanding what happened to you and how to prevent that it happens again

Free 30-minutes intake

Of course you will want to work with someone you are comfortable with. Therefore, I offer a free brief consultation online to get to know each other a little, to discuss your goals and to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

At your request, I will provide you with a written proposal for stress management or a burnout recovery plan. Only after agreement, we will start with the program.

Interested in a free 30 minutes intake? Please send a message to selmapostma@plyng.nl and I will contact you.

About Selma

I live in Rotterdam with my husband and our Spanish shelter dog. Having dinner with friends at our favourite fish restaurant, going to the movies in Kino, or a walk along the Kralingse plas are things that make me smile.

My love for legal TV-shows resulted in a career as a lawyer. I was a senior associate at one of the biggest Dutch law firms for 12 years and a board member of a real estate organization for 5 years.

In 2015, I changed course. I saw the opportunity to combine my skills, knowledge and experience with my passion for personal development in a role as as a coach and trainer.

I am involved, analytic and intuitive. In addition to a strong social motivation, I love solving the puzzle behind every coaching question.

Working with Selma was very insightful already from the very first coaching session. I was able to find answers to questions I had, and the coaching journey took me to a much more holistic end-result than I could have even imagined before hand.

I truly enjoyed Selma’s way of coaching, she seems to know exactly what approach works for you, depending on the situation and the day. She is flexible, kind and gentle, and offered me the space I needed to work through my trouble areas. Every coaching session ended in new insights, which was really helpful and encouraging.

Selma was my guardian angel during my one-year burnout recovery program. Under her warm and gentle guidance, I reconnected with myself again and understood what is important and true for me and what I can let go of. She showed me different tools that could help me keep my balance and helped to choose those that work best for me. In insightful conversations I learned about my “stress triggers” and the reasons behind which made it easier to understand my reactions and make a change.

Selma was incredibly supportive, personal, and down to earth – I always had a feeling that the steps we discuss are realistic, this is what I could do at every given moment, not a “generic action plan”. I was looking forward to every session which was like yoga for my mind that helped to stretch my outlook and regain balance, this also helped to build a healthy habit to do personal reviews (now on my own) every now and then. I am so grateful to this year of coaching that really helped me to fill up with energy and confidence again. Thank you!


  • Human-oriented Coaching, Academy for Counseling and Coaching
  • Work Stress & burnout coaching, European Institute / De Baak
  • Working with Body Language, The Alchemist
  • DISC and Motives
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Mindfulness in Coaching
  • Postgraduate course in Financing and Securities, Grotius Academy
  • Law, University of Amsterdam

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